Uncover your Sacred Self

Spiritual Growth Getaway

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica | April 13-19 of 2024

Are you a spiritually open-minded woman in need of a

Soul Reset?

If you’re feeling lost on your purpose, not fully at peace with who you are, or are continuously giving your power away to someone or something outside of yourself, you’re not alone. I’m dedicated to helping you shift those old ways of living unfulfilled into joy, self-love, and freedom during this journey of exquisite self-care.

About this Retreat

Discover the essence of tranquility and empowerment with our 6-night spiritual retreat, nestled in the heart of Costa Rica’s natural splendor. This journey is not just a getaway, but a transformative experience meticulously designed to rejuvenate your spirit, body, and mind.

What's included?

  • All Inclusive Meals
  • A Special Group Dinner in Santa Teresa
  • Morning Meditations
  • Vinyasa or Kundalini
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Empowerment Teachings
  • All Taxes Covered
  • 1 Hour Relaxing
  • Massage
  • Sound Healing
  • Sisterhood Ceremony
  • Excursion Transfers

All Inclusive Meals
All Taxes Covered
A Special Group Dinner in Santa Teresa
Morning Meditations
Vinyasa or Kundalini Yoga Sessions
Empowerment Teachings
1 Hour Relaxing Massage
Sound Healing
Sisterhood Ceremony
Excursion Transfers

*Please Note: Transportation to and from the retreat, gratuities, and optional activities are not included in the package, allowing you the freedom to customize your experience.*

Why Uncover Your Sacred Self?

By the end of this journey, you’ll increase awareness of your body & soul’s signals, enabling you to hear and feel your inner truth that gives you confidence & inner peace freeing you from dependency on anyone or anything outside of yourself. Experience a profound connection with your inner self that will allow you to identify and overcome any self-imposed limitations. All this will happen while being immersed in the abundance of nature’s powerful healing as magic unfolds within and around you.

The Uncover Method

What is Unconventional Recovery?

It’s understanding that underneath your limiting thinking and behaviors that can lead to reaching outside of yourself to cope, you are covering up what’s really going on inside. Through processes that involve mindset, spiritual practice, and alternative ‘therapies’ (that can surprisingly be fun & feel easy), you empower yourself as you recover pieces of yourself you’ve lost that matter while becoming the best version of who you choose to be.

The beautiful thing is you can overcome, heal, and grow in a way you may have never thought possible. The purpose of this upcoming Costa Rica experience in April is to help you embrace a new perspective of yourself that’s a reflection of just how sacred, beautiful, and powerful you are while being immersed in the magic and abundance of Costa Rica. 

You may wonder if this is all going to be “inner work” but you don’t need to worry about that being the case. I believe in the healing journey being full of connection, fun, integration time, nature play, being authentic, and completely at ease to let loose. I went through my transformation in Costa Rica that was focused on being alcohol-free, even after a 30-year dependency on it…and know that YOU can overcome what you choose as well. During the upcoming Uncover Your Sacred Self spiritual growth getaway, you’ll be immersed in daily mind, body, & soul practices with other like-minded women ready to cultivate inner peace, life purpose, and personal power that leads to living fulfilled. This will be a gift to yourself of exquisite self-care in a sacred gathering of sisterhood. The reality is we’re ALL recovering from something and this retreat is focused on being on the other side of what’s holding you back from living fully.

This is especially for you if you've experienced:


Loss or grief of relationships, loved ones, and your own identity or purpose.

Health issues

Even those that have been healed can cause ongoing fear and life changes that are hard to embrace or going through someone close to you struggling with a health diagnosis.

People pleasing

Living what seems like someone else’s life, not having boundaries, being the everything to everyone mom or professional, doing because of being afraid to be rejected or trying to fit in.


Low self-esteem, not trusting your intuition, constant overthinking, feeling uncomfortable in your skin, being bullied, made fun of, or harboring self-doubt that paralyzes you and makes you feel not good enough..

Unhealthy Relationships

A romantic partnership that made you believe you’re flawed, betrayal from a close friend, child or lover, parenting that wasn’t ideal, or a jaded relationship.

Discover Our Activities

Where you'll be staying
April 13-19th


Nestled in the heart of this tropical paradise, our sanctuary offers a secluded haven where luxury meets privacy. With three exquisite villas containing 3 bedrooms, each featuring a private pool, and rooms designed for ultimate comfort with A/C, wifi, & comfy beds, we invite you to escape the ordinary and rediscover yourself amidst the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

Shared Room: $3,000
Private Room: $3,750

*Payment Options are Available including a 6-month Pay Later Choice

Awaken in Paradise:
Begin each day at the Uncover your Sacred Self Spiritual Growth Getaway with the natural symphony of jungle birds or monkeys. Enjoy the simple pleasures of sipping fresh juice or coffee on your villa patio, as the tranquility of Costa Rica’s wilderness envelops you. Your spiritual journey deepens in our natural jungle shala, the perfect setting for soul-nurturing yoga and meditation, surrounded by the abundant wildlife.

Discover, Connect, and Relax:
After mornings of rejuvenation, gather with new soul sisters over a sumptuous breakfast spread, sharing stories and laughter by one of the three glistening pools. Your days are filled with exploration and relaxation – from serene walks on Santa Teresa beach to exciting excursions like waterfall hikes and ATV adventures. As the day transitions to evening, immerse yourself in the magic of sunset, either from the serenity of the villa patio or through a heartwarming beach ceremony. Culminate your day with a delightful chef-prepared meal, enjoying the luxury of a carefree evening before retiring to your comfortable, elegantly adorned room, promising a night of peaceful rest.

About Your Host

Lakshmi Dev Bowen

Meet Lakshmi Dev, a rebel-hearted goddess of empowerment and healing who has devoted over two decades to guiding women on their transformative journeys. With an unconventional spirit and a heart full of compassion, she has nurtured countless souls through healing, spiritual mentoring, and mindset coaching. Lakshmi's expertise spans Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga, energy healing as a Reiki master, life and mindset coaching, and curating life-changing retreat experiences. Drawing from her own triumph over adversity—including childhood trauma, poverty, eating disorders, addiction, alcoholism, body dysmorphia, and self-hatred—Lakshmi empowers others to dissolve their own self-defeating patterns. As a devoted wife and mother of three nearly grown children, she brings a wealth of life experience and empathy to her work. Beyond her healing practice, Lakshmi is a vibrant soul who finds joy in spinning beats as an EDM & Ecstatic Dance DJ, reveling in nature, embracing the thrill of fast cars, and exploring the wonders of travel. Her mission is clear: to uplift those who have weathered storms, guiding them toward peace, empowerment, and purpose.


The value! I got more out of this time together than 20 years of therapy. I had been a living shell of myself, walking through life in a body with my soul following me as a shadow trying to wake me up. I literally didn't know WHO I AM. I realized there's hope when I felt hopeless before. Had I not went, I would've broken down but I was comfortable being myself and walked away carrying a new power. This is a true investment in yourself.
Jennifer D.
Podcast Expert
I took care of myself for once. I healed wounds, worked on boundaries that needed to be drawn & got rid of negative energy and thoughts I was holding onto. I forgave others, and more importantly, I forgave myself (something I've never been able to do. The self love work we did was so powerful that guilt and shame left my body and I truly fell in love with myself, all of me. I left with full acceptance of who I was, loving all the things I used to dislike about myself. This experience changed me. I didn't know what I was searching for when I went, but I came back knowing who I was, what I wanted, and I finally felt as though I had found peace and harmony within myself.
Torey H.
Lakshmi Dev really helped ease the worries that I had about going and once I got there I knew it was the best decision I could have made for myself. I said yes to ME. I did something for ME. It felt AMAZING! The sisters were so incredible, we all bonded within the first few days & Lakshmi Dev created such a loving and welcoming atmosphere to feel safe and share what we needed to grow and heal. We all cried and laughed and learned so much about each other and ourselves. I think the biggest learning point for me was that I have everything that I need RIGHT INSIDE. Lakshmi Dev opened the doorway and showed us that we have the tools, we have the knowledge, we just needed to be shown how to use them and affirm that we are powerful enough to do anything that we truly desire. I strongly recommend this retreat to anyone feeling like they are being pulled to say yes to YOU! You deserve it!
Amanda D.
Network Marketing Leader

Don't Be Left Out

What I don’t want for you is to miss out on what I know will be a powerfully transformational experience that will positively impact your life. I have had the honor of hosting and facilitating these retreats for over 100 women now and what each wishes more than anything is that they would have said yes and attended one sooner. Some women have even returned MORE THAN ONCE to have this time of magic, self-care, and growth. If your soul is saying yes, then don’t miss out on what can be a catalyst for healing and precious time that you’ll never forget.

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